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key ingredients*// Bentonite Clay: draws impurities to the surface of skin. French Pink Clay: cleanses, detoxifies and gives skin a refreshed appearance. Honey: a natural antiseptic, cleanser and softener. Yogurt: soothes, softens and rejuvenates the skin. Sandalwood: antiseptic,good for combination skin and acne, cooling and calming to the mind and body. Irish Moss: a seaweed that is nourishing, soothing, promotes a healthy glow.

*known to have these properties


Directions: Mix healing clay in a glass/ceramic bowl 

with a small amount of water to make a thin paste. 

Apply to the face, avoiding eyes and let it dry for 

about 10 minutes. Remove clay by washing with 

warm water. Follow with a moisturizer. 

Honey & Yogurt Healing Mask



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